How Do You Avoid Bed Bugs when Traveling & Staying in Richmond, VA Hotels this Summer

It seems like we are hearing about bed bug infestations in hotels more and more. With the climb in international travel and the amount of people that travel these days, you need to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to avoiding bed bugs while you travel. There are several steps to take that will help keep you safe from a bringing bed bugs home with you from vacation. All About Bugs Pest Control is here to share some tips that will ensure you don’t experience a bed bug infestation.

How to Protect Luggage from Bed Bugs

Avoiding bed bugs during travel starts with your packing. You should always pack your clothes in a sealable plastic bag. This way, if bed bugs make their way into your luggage, your clothes are at least safe. When selecting a suitcase, choose one that has a hard shell. The soft shell suitcases have several folds that bed bugs can easily hide in when your travels are done.

How to Check Hotel for Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, they will be hiding during daylight hours. They hide in a multitude of places including cracks, crevices, folds and furniture to keep themselves hidden. The first thing you should do when you arrive at your hotel room is to pull back the sheets on the bed. Give the linens and pillows a thorough inspection. This is best done with a flashlight. Next, you will want to give the mattress a good inspection as well. Look under the box spring, around the frame and even behind the headboard. You should also check the cracks of any furniture that is in hotel rooms before turning in for the night.

What to Do When You Find Bed Bugs

If you see bed bugs in your hotel room, it is going to take a lot more than a magazine to squash and get rid of them. When there is an infestation, you can’t kill all of them individually; you need the help of professionals. You should work with hotel management to get switched into a different room. Be aware, that if you do make the switch, you don’t want a room anywhere close to the infested room. You shouldn’t move to one above, below or adjacent. Some people decide to switch to a new hotel entirely since bed bugs can easily make their way throughout the whole place on housekeeping carts and guests.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal in Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Ashland, Petersburg & Greater Richmond, VA | Dinwiddie County, Virginia

If you have traveled and suspect that you have brought bed bugs home with you; you should take action quickly to get the problem resolved. You will most definitely need the help of the professionals at All About Bugs Pest Control to help you successfully remove a bed bug infestation from your home. The removal of these bugs can prove difficult; especially in the case where the infestation has gotten out of hand. Call us today!

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