How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection Report for Home Closing or Maintenance in Mechanicsville, VA

Do you have termites in your home? When you even suspect that termites have invaded your home, your first step is to contact a pest control service that provides termite inspections and treatments. Even though you may know termites are in your home, an inspection is still needed to determine where they are and what the best strategy is to treat your home. All About Bugs Pest Control will share what to expect from a termite inspection and how treatments are determined.

Termite Inspection of Home Exterior

When an termite inspector comes to your home, they will most of the time start inspecting the outside of the home. The inspector will not only look directly along the outside of the residence but along the property’s perimeter and throughout the yard. They are looking for potential attractants that draw termites. Often termites don’t start in the home, but around a decaying or dead tree, shed, deck or wooden fence in the yard. Termites often travel to the home from a nest and many species will have the nest deep underground. The nest must be treated as well as the home to stop future invasions. The inspector will be concerned about wood features outside the home that could be drawing the termites closer and eventually inside your home. They will look for mud tunnels which termites use to travel from the nest to foraging sites. This can help lead them to the nest. The exterior inspection is very important. As many homeowners may feel the inside of the home is the most important, they may not understand why the inspector spends most of the time outside. It is most important to discover the nest location. However, sometimes the nest could be underneath the home’s foundation and the termites are using a crack to access your home.

Interior Inspection of House or Apartment Interior

Once the termite inspector has done a thorough inspection outside the home, they will begin to move inside the residence. They will often ask for the location of where the termites were found and are most active. Termite’s love damp wood and most invasions start near a bathroom or a recent leak from a plumbing problem. The inspector will test the walls or listen for activity and see where they are primarily foraging. They will look for mud tunnels inside the home or areas where they have been feeding to help the homeowner know the extent of the damages. Sometimes termite activity is localized in a small section of the home, which reduces the need for total home treatment. Inspectors may use a number of devices such as thermal cameras to help locate the termites.

Letter & Report from Licensed Termite Inspector

After the inspector has gone through the home and yard, they can determine the best course of action. They will evaluate the damage, discover where they are invading the home and often how they are getting in. If they are able to find the nest, often the nest is treated along with the home. Other factors that could have sparked termite activity will be shared to help prevent future invasions. The population and level of infestation that has occurred in the home will determine which method of treatment will be needed.

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If you have termites, schedule a termite inspection and begin treating immediately to prevent major cost in damages. All About Bugs Pest Control provides termite treatment and inspection along with other pest control services. Contact All About Bugs Pest Control today!

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