Rodent Control & Exclusion

Rodents can be a serious source of headaches for homeowners that are constantly dealing with infestations. With the health threats they carry with them as well as the destruction they can cause to your home, it is wise to do everything in your power to keep them out of your home and off your property. At All About Bugs Pest Control, it is our mission to help you keep rodents off your property with our rodent control and exclusion services. We have extensive training and the latest technology in this effort that will deliver outstanding results in keeping your home safe.

Rodent Exclusion Techniques

Rather than dealing with a rodent infestation once it has already happened, you can benefit much more from and exclusion approach instead. At All About Bugs Pest Control, we will work with you to prevent rodents from every stepping foot in your home as well reinforce your home with our exclusion services.

Rodent Exclusion Process

Without arming your home appropriately, rodents will make their way through barriers that aren’t strong enough. They can chew their way through a lot and squeeze into even the smallest holes. All About Bugs Pest Control is here to explain our approach to rodent exclusion so you can have a better understanding of what our methods entail.
Rodent Inspection: Before our team of professionals can get to work rodent proofing your home, a thorough inspection is in order. We will look for any signs that rodents have already been active in the area. Some of these signs may including signs of chewing, droppings, nests or holes that they could squeeze through.
Rat & Mice Identification: During the inspection process, it is important that you have the right training and expertise it takes to identify what rodent activity may look like. We have a trained eye that will spot and identify rodent activity a mile away.
Sealing Entry Points: Once any weak spots have been identified in your home, we can get to work in sealing them. We will seal any holes or cracks that could allow a rodent to gain access into your home and reinforce any weak spots that could be potential problems down the road.
Rodent Droppings & Nesting Clean Up: If there has been rodent activity in your home, it is recommended that the aftermath is cleaned up to avoid attracting other rodents later. These droppings and nesting materials can be a hazard to your health as well as carry foul odors with them.
Rodent Monitoring: This is an important part of rodent exclusion. Our team of pest control experts will continually monitor the area and ensure rodents haven’t returned to your home and attempted to gain entry again.

Rodent Control & Exclusion in Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Ashland, Petersburg & Greater Richmond, VA | Dinwiddie County, Virginia

It is important to stay on top of any rodent problem in your home. You don’t want to have to replace and repair sections of your home after they have infested your home. At All About Bugs Pest Control, we have the training and tools needed to keep your home pest free. Call us today!

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