Stinging Insect Control; Bee Nest & Wasp Hive Removal

The locals in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas are familiar with various stinging pests found in our local area. All About Bugs Pest Control is fully licensed and insured to protect our valued customers from these potentially hazardous insects. Using premium products and advanced equipment and techniques, the certified technicians from All About Bugs Pest Control deliver superior services with attention to customer care and professional courtesy.

Bee & Wasp Stings

In the Greater Richmond, Virginia area, common stinging pests include Sweat Bees, Honeybees, Paper Wasps, and European Hornets. When any of these insects sting, they can cause mild to severe allergic reactions as well as site pain for the person or pet that has been stung. Bees can only sting once, after which they lose their stinger and die. However, hornets, yellow jackets and other wasps can deliver repeated stings to their victims without consequence. If any of these stinging pests are on your commercial or residential property, it is vital you contact the professionals of All About Bugs Pest Control for assistance in removing the hive or nest safely.

Types of Bees & Wasps Found in Greater Richmond, VA

Honeybees: Honeybees are very beneficial to the environment and play a major role in food crop production. If you believe you have honeybees, we can relocate them should you or a family member be allergic to bee stings.
Sweat Bees: Sweat bees are especially active in the spring and summer. They tend to fly in flower gardens and meadows. Though they are not normally hostile, they will sting in self-defense. These bees are so named because of their attraction to your sweat.
European Hornets: These hornets are most active in late summer. Still posing a health risk, they are less harmless of the hornet family. They do anything to protect the nest and can cause potential damage to the landscaping and property.
Paper Wasps: Considered beneficial due to their pest control activities, eating caterpillars and flies, their sting is still quite unpleasant. Their nests, resembling a small umbrella with hexagonal combs, hang under eaves and ledges.

Stinging Insect Control in Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Ashland, Petersburg & Greater Richmond, VA | Dinwiddie County, Virginia

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