Pest Inspections

Throughout the Greater Richmond, Virginia area, All About Bugs Pest Control, fully licensed and insured pest experts, delivers the highest quality pest control services to our local community at affordable prices. One of the most important services we offer that is often overlooked, is pest inspection services performed by qualified specialists, armed with formal training, experience, and skills. With an emphasis on friendly customer service and professional ethics, All About Bugs Pest Control offers superior pest inspections.

How Do Bugs & Pest Get in Your House or Business?

With a meticulous pest inspection for your Richmond, VA home or commercial buildings, All About Bugs Pest Control looks for evidence of common pests and occasional pest invaders as well as potential entrance points pests can gain access. As we search for indicators of insects, wildlife, rodents, arachnids, and other harmful pests, we document the presented situation, risks, and optimal solutions; such as infestation eliminations and maintenance plans to keep the pests out and safeguard your commercial or residential property.

Pest Inspections Assists in Pest Prevention

To help prevent pests from gaining access to your Richmond, VA home or business, be sure to apply proper weather stripping around the doors, including the garage door, and windows; patch the holes, gaps, and cracks in the walls, roof, and foundations; repair leaky pipes or fixtures; keep pet food and human food safely secure in airtight containers; practice good housekeeping to control the crumbs and ensure the pantry is crumb-free; trash cans should be periodically washed with hot soapy water; control the clutter inside and outside; and ensure the landscaping is well manicured.

Pest Inspections & Control in Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Ashland, Petersburg & Greater Richmond, VA | Dinwiddie County, Virginia

To schedule your next commercial or residential pest inspection in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas, call All About Bugs Pest Control today. We can handle all your pest control needs!

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